Sh Cydia Debian Repo Manager

On December 8, 2011 by شاهین


Would you like to manage your own Cydia Repository?

It’s easy to find a way to build a repo. but:

  • it has too many shell scripts to type,
  • too copy/pastes,
  • too permission fixes
  • and more…

All you just need is shCydiaRepoManager


Yes, I’ve made an application to make it easy!

  • It does all copy paste,
  • It fixes permissions
  • It execute all necessary scripts
  • It builds ‘control’ file
  • It creates all post and pre scripts for each package
  • It build .deb ‘package’ file
  • It creates  ‘packages’ files
  • It manages ‘Release’ file


You just have to do the upload part! 😀

And It’s FREE! Download it from here:

Direct Link


P.S: It was the FIRST application that I developed for Mac OSX! 😀

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