Barcode Creator InternetExplorer Addon

On December 16, 2009 by شاهین

Now you can use Shaahin Barcode Creator very simply and easily!
Just install this addon, and right click on every webpage that you want to make barcode from it’s url, and click Barcode this Webpage! Or for creating barcodes from text in a webpage, simply select it, then right click and click on Barcode this Text. thats all!


Where should I use this tool?!

You are viewing a webpage on your computer, you are interested to view it on your mobile phone too. what you have to do?!
just entering the address (that sometimes it’s 100 characters long!) directly into your phone?! NO! just right click and make a barcode from the webpage url. Then run a BarcodeReader Application on your phone and point the camera to the barcode on your computer screen!

voila! now the url is in your phone without entering even 1 character!

Enjoy it!

Download it:


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