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If you love music, This app is a great partner for you!


What Is LyricsTab?

LyricsTab is a tiny application that runs just in the menu bar of your Mac OS. This means there’s no dock icon! So it doesn’t fill your desktop space!


When you are listening to music in iTunes or Spotify, this application quickly gets the track lyrics, and shows it to you in a beautiful window as you see in the above.

You can also set the window to stay on top of other windows in your desktop. It lets you to use the application the way you like.

Another great feature that has been added to LyricsTab 2 is the Auto-Scroll feature. It scrolls the lyrics automatically based on the length of the track that is playing. So it makes the application to be hands-free! lol!

Also LyricsTab now supports Twitter and Last.FM. So you can tweet what’s playing, or a part of the lyrics with just one click! The app also automatically sends (Scrobbles) what your are listening to to your Last.FM profile!


My Words

After your great support on the first version on LyricsTab application for MacOSX. I’ve decided to rebuild the application from base to give you better experience and feel while using LyricsTab.

Special Thanks

I would like to give my special thanks to my great friend, Marco Moreno (Senior designer in NY, USA) for his support and great designs. He has redesigned the application UI with his creative mind and professional work.



LyricsTab has been tested in the Softpedia labs using several
industry-leading security solutions and found to be completely clean of
adware/spyware components and it has been granted with the “100% CLEAN” Softpedia award.
The certificate can be found here.


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LyricsTab has been featured and reviewed on various websites, blogs and magazines. You can find some of them here:


17 Responses to “Lyrics Tab 2”

  • you are awesome man.

  • Best lyric app for mac

  • suggestion: option to make full screen for musicians who cant memorize lyrics.

  • great app, but i am getting wrong lyrics quite often. right now I am listening to “my father’s eyes” and the lyrics are for “hungry eyes”. so far there have only been 12 of these.

  • Nice idea but if it can’t display lyrics to something well known like Starman by David Bowie, what’s the point?

    • … although having said that, it’s the only one that hasn’t been found so far in my random selection …!

  • Hi Shahin Katebi,

    very nice App that you created with LyricsTab. I’ve a hint for the next release of your App: It would be very great, if LyricTab can read every implemented Lyrics directly out of iTunes. I’ve some Bands in my Library, where the lyrics are not pickable from your internet database. But I edited the lyrics into the iTunes Library. So if your App can check this out and presents the text directly from iTunes, than LyricsTabs gets very powerful. 🙂

  • it works like charm, great job, but the thing it down for add a new user accs

  • is there a way to put in lyrics if it can’t find them?

  • Is there a way to put in lyrics if it can’t find them? The app could read the lyrics from the iTunes music tag.

    • Dear Jonatas,
      This is a feature that will be available on the next release of LyricsTab very soon 🙂

  • Great Application!

  • This is one of the nicest apps I have in my mac. But there is something stupid, iTunes have all the lyrics of my songs but not the software.

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